We are proud and excited to provide a beautiful, newly renovated facility to the public, where everyone is welcome to enjoy their passion for horses in a safe and supportive environment.
Before you haul in, please be aware that every person using the facilities must:
  • have a valid  MEMBERSHIP (monthly or seasonal) or pay  a drop in day rate - view PRICING


  • LESSONS:  Ride through is usually allowed during schedules lessons (unless posted otherwise). LESSON TRAFFIC ALWAYS HAS THE RIGHT OF WAY.
  • Outside coaches need to provide proof of insurance, with Creekside Equine being named as additional insured.
  • We are not responsible for theft or loss of any belongings.
  • Members are advised to carry liability & mortality insurance for their horse(s)
  • Any damage done beyond regular wear and tear will be repaired at the Member’s expense.
  • Any horse entering Creekside Equine is highly recommended to be current on their vaccinations. Horses displaying signs of a communicable disease are not allowed to enter the premise.

Visit our FACILITY CALENDAR for scheduled events & open riding times

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